CEE Professors Jim Lambert and Lisa Colosi Peterson, together with leadership from the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Logistic Systems (CCALS), were pleased to host Dr. Prem Lobo, Energy Division Director for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in March 2024. Dr. Lobo came to learn about the work of a UVA-led coalition working on assessment of supply chain logistics, cost, and environmental performance of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) produced in Virginia; with the ultimate goal of securing SAF access for Dulles Airport. The research was funded by the Virginia Department of Aviation (DoAV) with coordination by the Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC). Representatives of DoAV and the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI) were on hand for the briefing. Afterwards, Dr. Lobo gave a distinguished lecture in Professor Lambert’s Risk Analysis class, CE 4050/6050.

Widespread commercialization of SAF production is a key goal of the US Department of Transportation (including FAA), US Department of Energy, and US Department of Agriculture, as means to decarbonize aviation, which is a key contributor to global CO2 emissions. Their shared SAF Grand Challenge seeks to replace 100% of conventional fossil jet fuel with SAF by 2050.

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