The LCA Lab had a group lunch to welcome new and returning members!

A new academic year has begun! Excitingly, we have several new graduate students plus several returning friends! And we’re busier than ever on a research front – our lab has secured three new grants in the last few months. New projects include two awards from the Department of Energy – one pertaining to decarbonizing styrene production (Wade’s work), and the other pertaining to lithium recovery from geothermal produced waters (in partnership with Profs. Geise and Koenig in ChemE at UVA). The last award, from the Federal Highways Administration (FHWA), pertains to low-carbon concrete production, in partnership with Prof. Ozbulut (UVA CEE) and several research scientists at the Virginia Department of Transportation Research Center (VTRC) in Charlottesville. Our lab will provide LCA (life cycle assessment) and TEA (technoeconomic assessment) analyses for all awards. With so much going on, it’s going to be a busy semester!

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